Protect Whats Valuable
 Protect Whats Valuable

Help Mom & Dad Stay in There Home With Safeguard America Wellness Care Service by SafeinHome.

SafeinHome is a New and Easy Way To Help Your Loved Ones Live Inndependently In There Own Home. More than an emergency button! A complete 24/7 safety net!

Safeguard America and, offer a remote, secure and cost-effective option for independent living with safety, security, and comfort. With this service, you dont have to use nursing homes or assisted living in some cases.

“STUCK” After Falling – A Big Problem for Seniors.

35% to 50% of seniors fall each year, a big problem. Being stuck on the floor is an even BIGGER problem.




A completely new and easy way to help your parent  stay safely and happily at home!


Custom alerts keeps you informed. SafeinHome lets you know if something’s out of the ordinary. You’re in control – set alerts for what you worry about.

How It Works

See how SafeinHome can help your Mom continue living at home. SafeinHome collects information, checks for problems and sends you information and alerts.


Getting Started

Find out more about how SafeinHome can help you today. Know what’s happening at mom’s when you’re not there.

Custom Alerts Keep You Informed

Stove left on?

Stove left on, and there’s no motion in kitchen for 30 minutes!

Is Mom Awake?

Mom didn’t get up this morning at her usual time.

Is Mom stuck in the bathroom?

When Mom is home, inactivity alerts can tell you if she’s stopped moving around the house.