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New Qolsys 7" Panel 
















Best in Class wireless DIY alarm system IQ complete kit with (3) Micro Door/Window Sensors and (1) Motion Sensor. All-In-One panel, Always Connected. Brilliant 7" Touchscreen with panel camera and multiple radios built-in (no external antennas needed and no additional parts required) includes cellular and WiFi communication

Kit includes:
(1) IQ 7" Control Panel with built-in Cellular and WiFi Radios; power supply and backup battery
(3) Micro Door/Window Sensors
(1) Motion Sensor
(1) Yard-Sign
Hardware and batteries; Instructions

System Features:

• Cellular, Wi-Fi, Security RF
• Image Sensor Support
• Z-Wave Supports
• 59 Wireless Security RF Zones
• Supports up to 3 Wi-Fi Secondary Keypads
• Supports up to 5 Image Sensors
• Supports up to 30 ZWave lights, 18 IQ Smart Sockets, 6 Z-Wave locks, and 5 Z-Wave thermostats
• Android operating system
• dual speakers, microphone
• SIA-rated siren
• 24 Hour Li-Ion back-up battery
• SD Card slot
Includes simultaneous dual path communication and regular software updates over Wi-Fi.

The best-in-class wireless DIY IQ security system comes equipped with WIFi, Z-Wave transceiver and a Cellular Communicator (Verizon or AT&T in the USA; Rogers in Canada). Upon receipt of your order we will run a special Check Coverage Tool provided by and ship to you a system with the best module for your particular installation address. For questions and clarifications please call us at 1-866-491-1611 ext 3

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Protect Whats Valuable

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