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 Protect Whats Valuable

Safeguard America Monitored Business Security & Security Patrol Options

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Markets/Business Security

Video Security System and Video Monitoring service:

As a business owner, a property owner, or a gated community resident, you need assurance that your security is guaranteed. You need an interactive, proactive, and event-driven security system that will watch over your premises 24/7/365. You need a system that prevents crime from happening so that your valuables are always safe. 

Safeguard America Access Control

Safeguard America Provides Business Security For Every Need.

Safeguard America Retina Scan & Facial Recignition

LIVE Video Monitoring Center

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Live Video Monitoring Service:


Commercial buildings, estates, construction sites, automobile dealerships, and other businesses have many assets that they would like to keep secure at all times. If it were possible, the owners of these buildings would hire several guards to man every corner of their businesses at all times. Unfortunately, this is costly and impractical. Even if there were guards at every corner, their security would not be fool-proof. Physical guards are vulnerable to fatigue, irregular working schedules, and sleeping on the job. This is why Virtual Guard’s live Video Monitoring Service is the best solution for such businesses.



Remote Guarding & Video Security


We’re watching and listening around the clock to prevent crime from affecting your business, with the ability to respond in real-time to absolutely any threat.  Protect Whats Valuable represents an evolution in remote security systems that gives you the peace of mind to know your business is reliably secure, at all times.

The Industry of Remote Guarding

IRemote guarding and monitoring service is a significant evolution in the safety and security industry, and it’s not an overstatement to say that it is revolutionizing the way sites are protected. Remote guarding allows you to reduce risk through effective security measures, increasing your total business awareness and control of your site. It is event-driven and can be configured to respond to an array of different triggers. Remote guarding and manned video surveillance by digital security guards can be used to augment traditional onsite guarding, or even substitute for it in certain situations. Increasingly sophisticated technology coupled with competitive product pricing and the ability to integrate with existing systems has made this capability an attractive reality for more businesses today.

Safeguard Smart Business Solutions

Safeguard America and provide professionally monitored security solutions for small and medium sized buainesses, ranging from single-site to multi-location enterprises.



Business Insights

Get visibility into activity trends to make smarter decisions around staffing, promotions, energy use and more.

Easy to understand reports let you quickly see activity patterns across your business and spot unexpected changes.

Visualize Trends

  • Monitor open/close trends for each location
  • Identify peak periods of activity and customer traffic

Uncover Activity

  • Pinpoint activity such as unexpected entry after hours, or doors propped open that could cause energy waste or safety concerns
  • Keep a historic timestamp of which users disarmed the system

Simple Interface

  • Single site and multi-site reporting
  • Choose your report schedule and view data daily, weekly or monthly

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Protect Whats Valuable

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