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Artificial Intelligence 

FLARE - The smart security system for a safe home

FLARE recognizes faces, dangerous sounds and in case of an alarm notifies first responders through dedicated app. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, this is Home Security as it should be.

Flare Is An All In One Security System Built With Artificial Intelligence

You can find a lot of smart home security systems today. However, Flare is a tad different. It has artificial intelligence and it vows to protect you and your home- all by itself.


Flare is an all in one home security system.


HD Camera

  1. Flare has a 1080p HD camera that automatically records unusual events at home.
  2. This camera can recognize you. It has facial recognition capabilities which means it knows when someone is authorized to enter the house or not. It analyzes and verifies facial features to discern intruders from family members. Once it finds the face familiar, Flare will stop recording.
  3. With the same technology, you’ll be able to disarm your system even while carrying big bags of groceries or your sleeping child. This is very helpful particularly in instances where your smart phone runs out of batteries.
  4. Once you’re inside your home, Flare will stop recording and it will use its shutter to cover its lens. It knows when to give you privacy.
  5. It also knows if it’s your pet or another person that triggered an alarm. By verifying first, there’s a lesser chance for false alarms to happen.


Motion Sensor

  • Flare uses infrared technology to monitor for any unusual movement at home.


  • In the event that Flare finds an intruder at home, it can immediately sound an alarm.


  • Flare also has a built in temperature sensor which can notify you in case there’s an abrupt change in your home temperature.


  • Most burglars will try to destroy your security system the moment they find it. Fortunately, Flare comes with an accelerometer which can alert you right away if your device is being moved or tampered.




  • Flare uses its microphone to pick up any unusual sound at home.
  • You can also use this microphone to control your system as Flare is also a voice-controlled device. You can verify your identity and make commands verbally.

Loud Speaker


  • Flare can also prevent burglaries from happening.
  • The moment Flare recognizes a potential intrusion, it will play some domestic sounds to make it look like your home. It can be the sound of someone washing dishes or watching television.

Flare knows when each member of the family has left the house. Once it senses that everyone has left, it will take charge of your house and remain vigilant until you’ve returned home.

Flare will also notify you immediately if it detects an intruder at home. When you fail to respond to its notification, Flare will reach out to your emergency contact list. If there’s no immediate response from them, the system will sound an alarm and notify local authorities on your behalf. Flare has advanced algorithms to make such clever decisions when it comes to your home’s safety. Very interesting, right?


Flare works on batteries.


  • Flare has rechargeable lithium batteries which can last up to three weeks with normal use. After such time or when the batteries run out, you simply need to recharge the device through its micro USB cable. You can charge the device overnight. Also, you shouldn’t worry about draining your Flare’s batteries. It will notify you before that happens.
  • If you find this inconvenient, you can just keep your Flare connected with a power source. You can do this if you’ll be leaving your house for a couple of days and would want to make sure your home security won’t have any downtime while you’re gone.

Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.


  • Flare primarily uses its Wi-Fi module to connect to its online Cloud database. However, if there’s an interruption with the said connectivity, it will resort to using its 3G module. The sim card, apparently, is hard wired to the system. You can’t take it off or replace it with another one.

Protects your home all by itself thanks to Artificial Intelligence What happens at home stays at home thanks to the privacy shutter

BuddyGuard's FLARE 2018 from BuddyGuard on Vimeo.