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Besides providing a safer environment for you and your family and saving homeowners upto 40% on your energy bill, adding a home security system can  reduce premiums by as much as 20% for home owner’s and renter’s insurance. The prospect of an insurance client having an alarm system makes intruders less likely to break in, more likely to get caught, and also more likely to ruin a burglary attempt. This is good news for insurance companies and for you. This means the insurance company will be less likely to have to reimburse you for stolen items since your items are less likely to be stolen.

For home owner’s insurance, there is a 10% - 20%  cost decrease per month with a monitored in-home security system. Since renter’s insurance is often inexpensive, if a home security system is installed, you can work with your insurance company to determine a lower monthly cost.

If you are a renter, Safeguard America makes it easy to transport your system to a new home and customize your package to fit the needs of the new home. You can find out about different packages by calling us at 1-866-491-1611 ext 1 or visit us at http// . Our packages start as low as $19.99 a month.

If you are a renter, we have a renter program, you can also speak to your landlord about installing a wireless home security system. There are no holes drilled and no wires run. Not even for surveillance cameras in most cases. Your landlord is not responsible in paying for stolen belongings (thus the importance of renter’s insurance), but they would be responsible for damage done to the home in a break in. If you are thinking of getting a home security system installed, you could speak to your landlord to see if they would pay. Or give us a call, we have packages to fit just about every budget.  After all, the small cost of a home security system can prevent bigger costs later on.

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