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  • Safeguard America Authorized Dealer Introduces Drone Security

While Safeguard Security Systems are great and guaranteed, it's mostly for the inside of your house where your family is 90% of the time. That might take care of you in a pinch, but wouldn’t you rather be alerted of danger in advance? Safeguard America is looking to do just that with the Home Awareness System. Designed to guard and alert you of any surrounding intrusion, this system might just be the best frontline defense for your dwelling.

It begins with a complement of Smart Lights. Each of these solar powered garden lamps has a 360 degree range of movement detection, can identify the vibration of incoming footsteps, and will alert you via the included app. They’ll also illuminate your surrounding yard with your choice of warm ambient light or bright security lighting. But it doesn’t stop there. The system also comes with a GPS-enabled hi-res camera drone that gives you an eye in the sky. It can even see in infrared for night monitoring.The system will be available for shipping sometime in 2017.


Here's how it works: The Sunflower Home Awareness System relies on the drone and a handful of in-ground smart lights to watch over your house. It detects motion, vibration and sound. By analyzing this data, the system can distinguish between a human, a car and animals. To do so, it uses artificial intelligence to identify the disturbance and determine if it's potentially dangerous. For example, trusted visitors such as mail delivery persons will be recognized by how they approach the home and how long they stand at the front door.

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When a person approaches and lingers outside the back door, Sunflower Labs will send a push notification to your smartphone and ask if you'd like to investigate.

You’ve been waiting and we are excited to be so close to the launch that we wanted to start giving updates of the XT. Keep an eye here on our blog in the next couple of weeks to find out the latest.

What is the XT?

The Blink XT is our weatherproof version of the original Blink with all of the features you love and more. Check out the outdoor camera features and highlights below.



  • Infrared night vision – Allows for round-the-clock surveillance, day or night
  • Optional blue recording light- The Blink XT now gives the user the option to know when they are being recorded or not
  • Streaming HD video- Blink XT is the only battery operated camera to offer 1080p support for crystal clear full HD video
  • Stealthy black design- with no recording or illuminator night vision the Blink XT will be even more discreet outdoors or indoors 
  • Weatherproof – operating temperature range of -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C) Blink XT is IP-65 rated to ensure that the water-resistant unit delivers clear, HD quality video no matter the forecast
  • Two-year battery life – With two off-the-shelf AA lithium batteries, Blink XT cameras will last two years versus other battery operated cameras that have a battery life of only a few months
  • Truly Wireless- No wires needed for the Blink XT, meaning you can place your cameras anywhere
  • Industry-leading affordability – For the price of around $130, it is the lowest in the market, making outdoor security accessible to all consumers
  • The Blink XT easily works with your indoor models, so you can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. As always each system comes with free cloud storage, Alexa and IFTTT integration, auto arming and disarming, a built in motion sensor and a temperature sensor.
  • Shipping Update

    If you have already pre-ordered the Blink XT camera, these will start shipping as soon as the last week of March and continue shipping as we get them. Due to the large volume of pre-orders, we expect this to take several weeks.

  •  For anyone who participated with one of our promotional offers for a 20% off, 50% or even free Blink XT with your Blink order, we will be sending you your promotional code around the same time frame as the pre-orders. When we list the Blink XT for sale on our website ( you will be able to redeem your code for the purchase of a Blink XT camera at that time.

    Check back with us each week for the latest news and leave your questions in the comment section. Pre-orders placed today are estimated to be shipped in April. To reserve yours click here.

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