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 Protect Whats Valuable

About Safeguard America.

 Safeguard America and its employees are dedicated to the protection of the families of those in the communities we serve. Our Vision, Mission and Core Values have helped us to become one of the most reliable names in in the security field and our client list grows every year. Who is Safeguard America? We are a 15-year old, privately held security systems firm. Safeguard America markets in 30 states, generating its business start up through the summer door-knocking model as well as traditional marketing  models. Considered a high-volume, high-quality dealer according to industry standards, Safeguard America has developed a technically sophisticated infrastructure which has allowed the company to successfully produce accounts completely organically throughout its history and not by acquisition or merger. Safeguard America's monitoring partner uses a U.L.-certified CSAA Five Diamond monitoring center.



 Safeguard America is a leader in home security, surveillance and home automation, with offices in affiliate dealers in many states and growing.  Safeguard America prides itself in the fact that we can design a package for every one on a individule bases, at a price that is taylor made to fit your budget, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR BUDGET IS.


We also specialize in saving money for homeowners and business, on their utility bills and  insurance premeiums, while keeping you in control of your home at all times through your smartphone or, any internet access device.


By partnering with GE, who has been the leader for over 120 years in security and surveillance equipment. Safeguard America provides state of the art wireless equipment, that has been proven time and time again to be unbeatable by criminals and, has proven to have the fastest response times of police and other emergency personnel.


Do you want to save up to 30% on your energy bill ?


Do you want to save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance ?


Are you aware a burglary is committed every 16 seconds nationwide ?


Are you aware that the #1 cause of accidental deaths in America are home fires ?


Are you aware that homeowners insurance has never saved a life during a burglary or a home fire ?


Are you aware that Safeguard America Security System's save lives everyday ?


Isn't your families safety worth $17.99 a month ?


If you said yes to any of these questions, watch the 10 minute videos on the page entitled "Online Demonstration" and give us a call today or chat with us use the live chat


Why should you call us?  Because, Homeowners insurance has never saved a life during a fire nore has Homeowners Insurance ever prevented a burglary. Security systems save lives every day.


Also, Because it is no longer a matter of if  we are going to be a victim...its just a matter of when ! So having a Security System installed should be a proactive decision, not a reactive decision.


A wise man once said, " It is not that we plan to fail...we just fail to plan," so lets plan for the inevitable!


Call Now 1-866-491-1611 ext 1 or drop us a line at the bottom of the page in at our "Live Chat"

Safeguard America Security & Surveillance Family of Guarantees

1) Best Price Guarantee :

Safeguard America Security & Surveillance will match or beat any comparable written quote or qualified internet offer for installation and activation of a base home security system.

What is a comparable written quote?

A comparable written quote is an original hard copy of a written quote or advertisement for a 24-hour monitored, base home security system that is professionally installed by a recognizable, appropriately licensed security systems company

What is a comparable qualified internet offer?

A qualified internet offer is a printed hard copy of an internet offer for a 24-hour monitored, base home security system that is professionally installed by a recognizable, appropriately licensed security systems company.


2) Home Theft Protection Guarantee

If your home is burglarized while monitored by Safeguard America, Safeguard will give you up to $500 toward your insurance deductible.


3) 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If a customer finds a flaw in the security system that would keep the security system from performing its function that can not be repaired or puts the family in danger without the possibility of the Authorized Dealer making a repair. 


4)Quality Home Installation Guarantee

If Safeguard America fails to correct a reported operational problem with any component of your home security system within the first six months following installation, Safeguard America will fully refund your installation price and any monthly monitoring fees paid.


5) Armed Forces Appreciation Program

If you are a member of the uniformed services and you receive military orders to relocate for a period of 90 days or more to an area where Safeguard America is not able to continue to provide service, you will have an option of either suspending your service or cancelling your monitoring service agreement with Safeguard America Corp.


6) Payment Protection Plan

In the event a customer of Safeguard America has a financial difficulty because of loss of income do to job lay off or job termination. Or loss of income due to a medical issue that require hospitalization for an extended period of time.(written proof required)

Safeguard America will suspend monthly service fee for up to 90 days.






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Protect Whats Valuable

Safeguard  America Security & Surveillance

Knoxville, Tn  37849

Toll Free: 1-866-491-1611 1-866-491-1611

Local :     1-865-410-8693


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Are you a new customer or returning customer? Sign up in the months of April or May 2018 and recieve up to 6 months of monitoring free when you sign up. (wac)

Offer does not apply to "personal security" offers.

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